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Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Series Liebert GXT3 (700 ~ 3 000 VA) (Emerson)

Liebert GXT3 is a reliable an On-Line UPS provides uninterrupted high-quality AC power to IT equipment with zero transfer time to battery power. It protects equipment from virtually all types of power failures resulting from accidents, voltage dips, transient power surges and dips, as well as noise. UPS is available in rack / floor mount.

Being one of the most affordable and efficient UPS in its class, Liebert GXT3 leads the industry as the best combination of high performance and reliability in a compact package. Liebert GXT3 0.9 power factor - it provides a power efficient and higher output for the protected load.

Also guaranteed continuous operation Liebert GXT3 during maintenance due module Liebert MicroPOD, constitute a means of output distribution and maintenance bypass.

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Series Liebert GXT3 (5 ~ 10 kVA) (Emerson)

UPS Liebert GXT3 meets the high requirements of power density in a limited space. This double conversion UPS power from 5000 VA to 10000VA, equipped with built-in maintenance bypass, expandable battery backup time with the optional battery pack.

UPS are designed for vertical mounting and rack, while having the most compact size for the specified capacity: Model 5 and 6 kVA have a height 5U, model 10 kVA - height 6U.

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Series Liebert GXT3 (10 kVA, modification Т) (Emerson)

Liebert GXT3 meet the highest capacity in a limited space. This is an online double conversion UPS, 10kVA power available in two versions, which has built a technical bypass and optional external battery packs to increase the time of reservation.

Two versions of execution - transformerless and transformer. Transformerless version can work under the scheme 1x1 or 3x1, which provides many opportunities for their use. Versions equipped with output isolation transformer can be used in single-phase connection 110/120 V between phase and neutral or eat in two phases voltage 208/220 V, for dual input phase shifted by 180 degrees.

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Series Liebert NXC (10 ~ 40 kVA) (Emerson)

Series Liebert ® NXC 10-40 kVA is a fully integrated flexible solution in the field of energy. Thanks to a high double-conversion technology without the use of a transformer guaranteed savings in installation and operating costs. At rated output power factor 0,9 Liebert ® NXC also able to provide 12.5% ??more active power than conventional uninterruptible power supply by a factor of 0.8.

Liebert ® NXC has an efficiency of over 95% in double conversion mode and up to 98% in economy mode (Eco), providing effective protection to the load, thus reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and reducing the harmful effects on the environment.

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Series Liebert 80-NET (60 ~ 500 kVA) (Emerson)

In Liebert ® 80-NET uses transformerless circuit design with a full double-conversion technology using bipolar transistors, insulated gate (IGBT).
This allows the device to provide the highest cost savings in installation and operation, while providing a first-class protection to the load.

In Liebert ® 80-NET is also used rectifier transistor IGBT, which allows to reduce the requirements for reserve power generating set, network protection, cables and transformers.

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DT SERIES (1-2-3-6-10 KVA) (Necron energy)

Online power protection with DSP control

DT Series is an unintertuptible power supply that has easily got the leading position among its rivals by its special design in parallel with the needs of small oices and medical sector.

It is easy to monitor-conigure by its user-friendly and pure LCD screen and impressive with its chic design


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HTC SERIES (10 - 120 KVA) (Necron energy)

High Productive online power protection

HT-C Series uninterruptible power sources are the highly reliable devices with its 3 phase
input and 3 phase output, IGBT rectiier, using IGBT and IPM (Intelligent Power Module)
technologies by input and output, having high power input factor, low power input
harmonic distortion.

These devices having optionally wireless remote tracing panel and available to launch a
graphic screen on are the top examples of uninterruptible power source technology.

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RM SERIES (20 - 400 KVA) (Necron energy)

Designed for loads without the probability of being closed

RM Series uninterruptible power supplies which designed for accurate loads are double conversion devices.

This UPS that are able to generate power from 20kVA to 200kVA provides continuous working by functional using and properties of changing module under load.

This UPS prevents loss of time in
case of maintenance and repairing.


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