Yuasa — Storage batteries


Corporation YUASA (Japan / UK) since 1918 produces batteries for a wide range of power supply systems.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lead-acid batteries, the most trusted brand YUASA known manufacturers of uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Batteries YUASA different long life, high reliability and superior performance.

YUASA — ideal battery for UPS!

Batteries Yuasa have increased capacity, longer life and require little maintenance:

  • Sealing technology AGM (electrolyte absorbed in the microporous separator);
  • Does not require maintenance and refilling of water for the entire service life;
  • No gassing, can be operated in enclosed areas with the staff;
  • Sealed enclosure excluded leakage;
  • Can be operated in any position;
  • Shelf life without recharging — 6 months at 20 degrees C;
  • No restrictions on the transport of any transport;
  • Charging voltage in standby — 2.30 V / cell.

Fields of application:

  • Fire safety systems and alarms, medical equipment, portable equipment, power tools.

Additional information and specifications:

SWL750 SWL1100 SWL1800 SWL1850
SWL2250FR SWL2300 SWL2500FR SWL3300FR